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Welcome to my website! Here is a little bit about me to inspire you to look at the rest of my website:

I have a fierce combination of entrepreneurial spirit, seven years of office/administrative experience and four years of pure marketing experience.

I specialize in: Online marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media, back-linking, promotional material, PR, local SEO and website analysis.


I decided to do consulting because I know how hard it is to run a business and how much goes into it. As a business owner you need to be an expert in one thing: running your business. So you may not have time to learn SEO or how to market online. That’s why I learned: so you don’t have to.

My packages, prices and reports are all designed for the average person and small business. Quick, Affordable and Ever Step Explained.

I am a highly motivate and organized self-starter.

I am a Business Marketing major and English minor which are two subjects that not only go hand in hand but are also extremely helpful in any business environment.

I’m PC savvy with experience in multiple programs.

Though I am very creative but I balance that with my technical skill, ensuring I can follow through with my ideas.

In past positions my duties have gone far beyond the position I was hired for. I often crossed over into the marketing and sales departments with great success.

Though I am still in the process of earning my marketing degree I have been taking steps to start my marketing career such as educating myself through industry specific magazines such as Ad Age among other sources.

Though some prefer marketers to have a degree prior to applying their skills I believe that the fact that I am still earning my degree gives me the edge others lack. It means that I will be able to bring lessons that are most in line with today’s ever fluctuating marketing industry from the class room to my work.

My Certificate for Facebook Advertising - Retargeting Course

My Certificate for Facebook Advertising – Retargeting Course

My Hubspot Inbound Certification

My Hubspot Inbound Certification

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