VIISHOW Women’s Blouse T-shirt Review

TLDR: Really good simple T-shirt. 

Been needing new workout t shirts for a while. Got this one the other day and was surprised by it. I own a business and am in marketing so I’ve worn a lot of t shirts. This one was so soft and light but not see through at all. Important for us natural babes. the pocket is pretty useless in my humble opinion. But when are pockets on shirts useful?

I love v-necks so that was a bonus because I hate feeling like my neck is constricted especially when working out. I do dance cardio with free weights and yoga so i need a lot of movement. The light fabric was really great for that. Plus i didn’t feel like i was drowning when i got sweaty.

I don’t know about pairing it with tight pants like in the picture because it was pretty long/loose for me and i feel like it wouldn’t look good but maybe that’s just not my style. honestly i got a medium and might have been able to go down a size. (5’5″ , 160 lbs, 34DD bust, 31″ waist, if that helps anyone)

This t-shirt, depending on the color, is between $12-17. 

Now a T-shirt like this can range anywhere from four or five dollars and up depending on where you get it from. But most T-shirts have one aspect to them that is the most important and that is the fabric. Now if you’re like me and you’re buying this because you want a nice workout T-shirt that you want to make sure that the fabric isn’t thick. Unfortunately most T-shirts that the fabric is thin enough to be very breathable and lightweight enough to move then also means that it simply see-through.

Now for you free the ta-tas ladies like me, I take my sports bra immediately after I’m done working out so I need a shirt that is going to completely cover me so I don’t accidentally get arrested for indecent exposure. When I tried the shirt on I was under direct light facing the mirror and I turned all different ways to see if I could see anything. Happy to say that I couldn’t. The only other T-shirts that I have that are thin like this are either sure black or a semi-black/gray because of that reason. Now don’t get me wrong I love my Blacks that the slimming and always in fashion but I love my color to being able to find a shirt that is not as vibrant of a color and still fits my criteria of being in, lightweight, and also being okay to wear without a bra is really fantastic.

So that’s my two cents if you want to get your own please click on this lovely picture to use my Amazon link directly to the product page. 



Note: I was asked to review this item and reimbursed AFTER i posted a review. They did not ask me to post 5 stars, that is my honest opinion on the t-shirt. I was not offered or given any compensation beyond the cost of the product. 


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