Personal Marketing

Free 20 Minute Consultation on All Services!!

Here you will find all the personal marketing services I offer to help you put your best foot forward in life! Many of my services we’re created because someone asked for them. So if you would like me to help you with something specific please feel free to ask!

Resume Editing
Editing of an already existing 1 or 2 page resume.

Resume/Cover Letter Creation
Includes creation of a cover letter and two 1 page resumes: one general and one specific. (A one page resume is usually for those with 3 years of experience or less or those whom are seeking to change careers.)

Resume/Cover Letter Creation Level 2
Includes creation of a cover letter and one resume. This is usually for those with over 3 years of experience whom are already on a career path.

Interview Preparation Coaching
Everything to prepare you to nail the interview! we’ll go over weak point in your resume, review some of the most common interview questions, craft answers to them and address any industry specific issues.

Personal Website Evaluation
Evaluation of your personal website with recommendations given to assist in your personal career goals. 

Marketing Material Creation – Varies
Creation of marketing materials such as: fliers, brochures, marketing letters, business card layout, presentations and pdfs.

General Personal Marketing Consulting – First 20 Minutes is FREE. $30 per hour every hour after that.

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