“I worked with Victoria in the process of adverting for our line of energy drinks. The process from the ad design to model selection and ad campaign implementation was very smooth and trouble free. The results we got was excellent. We are very happy with the service and results.”
– A.K.

“I recently used the service of Victoria Khaze’ of Cheeky Ads Advertising to help me re-do my business cards and web site for my dog training business, Care 4 Your Pet Dog Training, to improve my branding.
Victoria’s recommendations were extremely helpful.  She noticed a lot of things that I hadn’t thought of, such as placement of information, colors, type of information, and more.  With her suggestions I was able to make effective changes, and my business has improved.  She also made many marketing suggestions which I am using or plan to use in the next year.
Victoria is very business savvy, and I was impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.”
– Marcia Siderow – http://www.care4yrpet.com

“I can honestly say that it has been a great fortune to know with Victoria Khaze for over three years. I have always looked to Victoria for consulting and would recommend her to anyone looking to do anything from writing a resume to learning how to market themselves or their brand more effectively.”
– Alex Cyrus

“Victoria is a very professional well rounded individual. She values her clients greatly. Working with Victoria has been a positive experience. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for advertising advice.”
– Kristen Faulconer

“Victoria took the initiative to try to assist any aspect of our company. Her incredible organization skills and desire to learn was an immense asset to our company.
She implemented several projects for us very successfully and we are very satisfied with her knowledge and level of performance. One of the projects she implemented was the conversion of our catalogs to a digital format. This saved the company countless dollars in printing and shipping costs as well as improved the efficiency in updating our catalogs and informing customers of new items.
Victoria was essential in retaining two of our more exclusive clientele and her input on our new website layout and marketing strategy was invaluable. “
– Sid, Brandon Femme


Like What You See?

7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Victoria is a take charge person who is able to present creative ideas, communicate benefits and effectively implement them. She has successfully developed several marketing strategies for “bagvertize.com” company.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for a sales and marketing campaign or position.

  2. Victoria is an expert in SEO, social media strategies and developing strategic marketing plans. She is trustworthy, reliable, and has very good judgement. I used her for my companies marketing plan and analysis of my websites SEO. She was also able to create some brochures and pamphlets for me. She did a great job and I highly recommend her to anyone who is concerned with their marketing efforts. Victoria is a real asset.

  3. Preet Sahni

    Victoria is a savvy social media marketer. She was able to design a social media strategy for my parent’s business within a short period of time. She is also a very good listener- she listens to the marketing problem at hand and comes up with creative marketing solutions for them. In addition she is a great brainstorm partner. Victoria is overall an astute and intelligent marketer.

  4. Debbie Schrey

    Victoria rewrote my resume after someone else had done it and she did such a great job I have had a job offer! I would definitely recommend Victoria for any resume or marketing needs you may have. She is extremely creative and knows what her customers need and what direction they should go for maximum results.

  5. Karen B

    I was referred to Victoria by my friend Debbie. Victoria helped me refresh my resume when I found myself seeking new employment after years of working for the same company. So my resume really needed the update. She worked with me to discover skills that I hadn’t even thought to put on my resume and new ways to highlight my best work. The new format looks great and is easier to read too. I’m really glad to have had Victoria’s help! She did an amazing job and I’m already getting positive responses to my applications. I’ll definitely be recommending her! Thanks for all the help Victoria! We’re happy to testify for you anytime!

  6. I posted my question on how to start marketing my shoe brand on reddit, almost straight away I got an amazingly detailed reply from Victoria with some really practical and helpful (and friendly!) advice that I could put into practice straight away. She also then turned it all into a great blog post that I would highly recommend reading to anyone who is looking for some straight forward marketing advice, as I believe the same concept can be applied to most businesses. I definitely recommend her skills! Thank you!

  7. Victoria has done amazing work for me! She is a talented blogger and I would definitely recommend her. I hired her to give my website a much needed facelift, improve my seo, and write blogs once a week. She encountered a problem with my website, found a solution and implemented it quickly. Her seo work really helped my website. Before Victoria got on it i couldn’t be found even if i searched my own name! My website is vastly improved! Her rates were more than fair for what she delivered and she was speedy in completing the work. I would highly recommend her!

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