Be Fabulous Beauty Series!

The oldest of my video series’s. Here I talk about everything from skin care to fashion to make up tutorials! I’m in love with fashion and I love playing around with my looks! I love food! I enjoy cooking and baking. I know so many of you enjoy it too so I’m sharing my recipes and kitchen adventures with you!



modern marketer victoria khazeModern Marketer!

This is what inspired me to restart making videos! I love marketing and business! Now I want to share my knowledge and passion with the world! Everything from business blunders, events, tips, and thoughts on all things marketing and business.




Gaming & Geekery!games and geekery victoria khaze image

So I’m also kind of a nerdy girl. Told you I live outside the box! So I love my star trek, board games, anime and video games. So I thought of sharing that with all the game/geeky thing lovers out there too!

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