Be Fabulous Beauty Videos

These are just some of the videos on my Be Fabulous Beauty Section!  Watch All Be Fabulous Videos On Youtube!
Pest X Bug Repellent Review

Part of being healthy and happy is having peace of mind and nothing can ruin that faster than seeing a roach in your kitchen. (We have neighbors who have infestations, so we notice the bug issue.) Pest X was kind enough to send me their ultrasonic & electromagnetic pest repellent to try. I tried it for a week and both my husband and I agree it has mad a bit of a difference in just a week.

*I was compensated in exchange for a review.*


Amazon Emergency Food Review

This Mountain High breakfast assortment emergency food bucket was a fab find on Amazon! The normal price is around 70-90$ but I got it for $55 on flash sale!

Artistry® Day Protect Crème SPF 15

The first part of my morning routine is Artistry Day Protect Creme. I go over all of the information about it, why you should use it and why I love it!

Back To School Makeup

Almost back to school time so I thought I’d do a quick and easy back to school look!

Cleansing Face Mask for Combination Skin

Using the Artistry Cleansing Face Mask I’m showing you how to apply a face mask for those with combination skin.

Artistry® Night Recovery Crème

Your end of day skin care routine is just as important as the beginning. In this video i show you this night recovery cream to help heal your skin from the harsh chemicals, sun, pollution and everything else from the day!


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