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Good plant light for indoor plants far from windows. Sturdy flexable metal stand, usb plugin w/ light gradient function. 





I got this plant light to help my poor ivy plant who, although seems to be doing okay, barely gets any sunlight. I love how ivy looks. I love my Grecian column. I’d LOVE how my Grecian column would look if it was covered in more ivy. But my poor baby needs more light to grow more!

The cord isn’t short but it’s a bit short for the top of my 7 foot pillar. 

Here is my official Amazon review:
Got this for my ivy plant that’s a bit far from the window. I like the various brightness settings and timer. So I can leave it on for a few hours every day without it blinding anyone who walks through the hall. The metal clip and arm are really sturdy. The spring on the clip is a little tight but that’s better than it being too loose since it will loosen with time anyway. The cord is a decent length but if you’re going from up high to the floor you might need an extension cord.
Plant-wiz hubby said it’s good enough for the plant light part. I’ve only had it a few days so I don’t know how much it will help but fingers crossed i have long pretty vines everywhere!

I haven’t used the metal clip since I could just sit it atop the pillar with my ivy but it is TIGHT. So be warned, the weak muscled will have a little trouble. 

Get this light for your home through my affiliate link!

More pics for funzies. 


Look how happy my lil ivy is! <3



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