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Review: Plant light

TLDR: Good plant light for indoor plants far from windows. Sturdy flexable metal stand, usb plugin w/ light gradient function.          I got this plant light to help my poor ivy plant who, although seems to be doing okay, barely gets any sunlight. I love how ivy looks. I love my Grecian…

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Poem: Caged

original poem by: Victoria May Khaze Note: Please don’t steal my work. Just send me an email or contact me through FB for permission. Stealing an artists work is like stealing their soul.  Anyway, enjoy.   …

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Gifts that work for anyone!

I think it’s generally it’s a good idea to keep some generic gifts that will work for most anyone. You never know when a birthday or something will sneak up on you. They’re All Budget Friendly I’m so sick of other gift lists where everything on there was super expensive. I got bills! I don’t have…

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Thoughts on woman-hood, or lack there of

The other week my brother posted a picture of a “girly” magazine and posted a comment something to the tune of “omg, don’t they think girls have brains?” . The magazine, pretty in all it’s pink bright colored glory spouting articles on how to have the perfect sleep over,  DIY unicorn crafts and summer outfits…

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Pest X Product Review

Note: I was given this product to try. THIS HAD ZERO effect on my experience…cause it had a visable effect and they did not ask, suggest or pay me to post this on my site. I am doing so because i liked the product! Part of being healthy and happy is having peace of mind…

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Three Ways To Mess Up Social Engagement

For many companies social engagement can be a challenge. Companies often think of social media as a way to broadcast their sales and products like using a mega phone. What companies don’t realize is that it’s more of an optional conversation between the company and current/potential consumers. Here are three ways companies mess up social…

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