Crowd funding the Miracle Maker

If you were trying to raise funds for a charitable project 10 years ago you’d have to do things like soliciting, sending out direct mail or even cold calling for donations most of which lead to little success. If you were lucky enough to have some funds to start with you might consider hosting a charitable event and on the off chance that you got a few passionate people or celebrities you might actually get your funding goal.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find that raising funds has become a whole lot easier with a little thing called crowd funding.  Okay so I lied, crowd funding is hardly a little thing. In fact its actually gotten quite larger than I think most people ever expected it to.

In fact expert researchers have found that donors are more likely to help in crowd funding charity projects with a 1 to 3 month time frame because they seem more urgent and allows backers to see immediate results.

With several platforms to choose from you can even pick a platform that’s demographic might be more keen toward funding your project.  Not to mention that with social media and todays modern technology it’s easier to spread the word and attract more donors.  Social media also serves as a way to inform donors about the progression of the project and even as a form of reward by thanking donors on your social pages. Both of these uses for social media serve to satisfy donor and inspire more donations making them must have tool to accompany your project.

Personally I know how it can be hard to start raising money so my personal favorite perk of crowd funding sites is that they cost nothing to join or post a project. Crowd funding sites only take a small percentage of the final funds enabling anyone to start one.

So what are you waiting for? Go make your dream come true!






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