How To Prepare For A Job Interview

When looking for a job its extremely important to have a well written resume.

Its just as important to be ready to nail the interview though.

First tip to interviews is always dress more formal than you think you should.
If they say nothing about the dress code don’t ask; assume its business formal
If they say business casual (nice but no jeans); dress business formal.
If they say casual dress business casual.

See the info graphic below to understand dress codes better.

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Infographic on how to dress for an interview and dress codes.

Second tip: Always bring at least one copy of your resume, letters of recommendation and list of references.

Third: know your answers for the interview before hand. Here’s a little info graphic that should help you figure out your answers for different questions.


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info graphic on how to answer the top 35 interview questions

Infographic on How to Answer the Top 35 Interview Questions by Sample Questionnaire and Designed by Infographics


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