Pest X Product Review

Note: I was given this product to try. THIS HAD ZERO effect on my experience…cause it had a visable effect and they did not ask, suggest or pay me to post this on my site. I am doing so because i liked the product!

Part of being healthy and happy is having peace of mind and nothing can ruin that faster than seeing a roach in your kitchen. Now you can use sprays and traps but sprays arn’t great in the kitchen or around kids and pets and traps are unsightly.

Pest X was kind enough to send me their ultrasonic & electromagnetic pest repellent to try. I tried it for a week and both my husband and I agree it has mad a bit of a difference in just a week. (We have neighbors who have infestations, so we notice the bug issue.)
You can get the product here using my amazon affiliate link: so if you do buy it I’ll get like $0.03 or something like that.

Some other notes:

Pest control device PestXApparently, a good pest repellent is NOT 100% inaudible – anyone who promises otherwise is LYING to you. After plugging it in, if you hear a (very) slight squeaking sound – it means the device is ACTUALLY working. Pests are more sensitive than humans so if you can hear a slight noise, know that it’s amplified for the pest. But don’t worry – this noise will only drive the pests crazy (not you!).

*I was given a discount on the product in exchange for a review on Amazon, It was my choice to post it on Youtube and my website because of my positive experience with the product. The discount did not affect my review.*


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