Thoughts on woman-hood, or lack there of

The other week my brother posted a picture of a “girly” magazine and posted a comment something to the tune of “omg, don’t they think girls have brains?” . The magazine, pretty in all it’s pink bright colored glory spouting articles on how to have the perfect sleep over,  DIY unicorn crafts and summer outfits made me think one thing: Holy crap, I want it.

A little perspective on me:

I am a grown ass 28 year old feminist working hard at starting her own business. I’ve got an amazing partner, an apartment I love, I workout 3-4 times a week, and I’m pretty good about keeping on budget. We have monthly-ish family meetings to discuss our budget, upcoming events, and keep each other on track with our goals. (Yes, we make quarterly and yearly goals.)  I even remember to send out birthday cards on time.

To keep it simple: I got a decent handle on this adulting shit. (#blessed)All of that adult awesomeness and yet, I’d still read the shit out of that magazine.

This “girly” magazine is everything grown up independent women are supposed to be against: “girly” colors, vain articles, beauty focused, etc, but to me, it represents simplicity. Honestly, I wish all my problems were as simple as how to throw a unicorn sleepover party, making the perfect DIY school accessories, or nailing the perfect summer vacation outfit. I DIY all the time and party throwing? Ha! Let me refer you to my last few birthdays: the Royal party and the Mad Tea party. See pictures below.

Nope, now I gotta be a social justice warrior, keep my lovely apartment lovely, have a successful career, and work on being healthier while living in the United States of fast food. Personally, just one of those things is enough to make my head hurt.  

Yes, I may have a decent handle on adulting but it’s exhausting! More importantly, I’m so pissed that no one ever told me that! No one ever tells you that being a grown up is so hard they just tell you not to grow up so fast. So now I make it my duty to tell kids just how exhausting it is.

I remember once I was babysitting a friend’s kids, they have two girls. One of the girls looked at me, while we were doing crafts and asked, “you don’t like being a grown up do you Victoria?” To which I replied, “Nope, it sucks, there is always too much work and you’re always tired.” The younger girl then said “I’m going to be a kid forever!” with such enthusiasm I almost decided not to dash her hopes. My response: “You’ll try.”


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