Is Content Marketing Worth The Hastle?

In recent years digital marketing has undergone a transformation with content marketing becoming an increasingly important means to create a brand online.

Like any other field, online marketing is rapidly developing into some directions and out of others, leaving some outdated practices. Many deny the idea that “content is king” but several very reputable studies prove this to be at least a trend if not the future of online marketing.

  • 70% of content marketers are creating more content than they did a year ago (source: Content Marketing Institute)
  • 35% content marketers have a documented content strategy (source: Content Marketing Institute)
  • 21% of content marketers are successful at tracking ROI (source: Ad Age)


Several other case studies have shown the benefits of content marketing. These particular some case studies that show how content marketing drives ROI from their B2B businesses:


Used a diagnostic assessment tool that showed the campaign generated over $1 million in new sales.



The public accounting firm used 48 pieces of content in 4 different topic areas targeting C-level prospects in financial institutions. Content marketing tactics included: case-studies, infographics, checklists, Q&A’s, and videos. Roughly 780 contacts were engaged. They also had a 70% open rate.



They helped B2B marketers choose good content technology investments such as white papers, infographic, webinars, and Slideshare presentations to spotlight tools that can maximize content. The campaign resulted in 1,700 generated leads, 125 webinar participants, 5,000 views on Slideshare, and $1 million in new business.



A giant welded steel tank making company used cold calling and referrals for nearly 60 years as a primary source of sales. Creating a content marketing strategy was more than a risk for them but it paid off. Their content marketing plan (in addition to updating their website, integrating a blog and social sharing) resulted in increased web traffic by 119%, traffic from social media by 4800%, lead conversions by 3900%, and increased quote requests by 500%.  These lead to new qualified sales opportunities worth over $3.4 million.



Integrated a social sales program for their sales team which identified their target audience and monitored social media platforms for relevant topics and conversation. With nurturing online connections by the sales team IBM saw a 400% in sales.



A software solution company, created a personalized new customer site offering a variety of content to welcome new clients and provide up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. The program resulted in identifying 1,700 new contacts along with 31 new opportunities worth $1.8 million.


Convinced content marketing is worth the effort but wondering what to do next? Here are four basic principles of content marketing to know before you start your content marketing strategy are:

  • Know your audience.
  • Never create content for the sake of creating content.
  • Use specific content solutions to impact different stages of the buying cycle.
  • Integrate internally with other team members.




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