How I Easily Cut Down My Sugar Intake

Coming from an obese family I don’t exactly have genetics on my side. Add in my more than average sedentary profession and you’ve got a nasty combo there. It wasn’t much of a shock when, after years of staying a nice 150 (I like some curves okay!), I hit 190 on the scale. *sob*

I won’t lie, I saw it coming. Non the less I gasped, I teared up, and then I spent the next 30 minutes in my underwear in the mirror pinching different parts of me.

Since I’ve had the joy of working in the health industry lately I had already been making changes. I had already reduced and changed the type of oil I use and reduced salt and replaced it with other spices that we’re better for me. I include veggies with almost every meal and junk food is almost never in my house. For heaven sake I bought a no-oil chip maker!

I struggled to think where I’d gone wrong. Obviously I needed to exercise more but  I felt like there was something else. Afterall everything else constant I shouldn’t have been gaining weight right?

It was something my husband said that set me off. That American’s add sugar in almost everything. During my next run at the store I found so many things had sugar it was ridiculous! Even canned veggies! So I made some simple changes that may help you cut down and control your sugar intake too!

  1. Check the label:
    Just because it has sugar doesn’t mean it’s bad. Check to see if it is added sugar (in things it shouldn’t be in) by looking in the ingredients for sugar or other names and substitutes for sugar like: sucralose (sugar), Acesulfame potassium, Aspartame, High-fructose corn syrup, Neotame, Saccharin, Sorbitol, xylitol and mannitol. It’s important to pay attention to what your buying and if should be sweetened too.
  2. Switch From White Bread to Wheat, whole grain or multi grain.
    White bread is notorious for having too much sugar, plus it’s bleached. Wheat breads usually have less added sugar, and better for your fiber too!
  3. Check your OJOrange juice is a staple of an American breakfast but many have added sugar. *sad face* Bye bye Sunny D!
  4. Switch Canned Veggies for Frozen or Fresh
    I was so surprised to find sugar in my canned corn, peas and green beans! No I buy A LOT of veggies and I don’t always have the room to buy fresh ones so I opted to start buying frozen veggies instead of canned. They’re usually about the same price and they rarely have sugar in them.
  5. Opt for more natural sugars
    Depending on if you have sugar issues or not this one’s tricky because some alternatives are higher or lower on the glycemic index. So be careful if your diabetic. Otherwise try switching from bleached sugar to other natural sugars like brown sugar, agave, or honey. Now be warned obviously they taste different so start slow as to not over sweeten your coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. Personally, honey is my favorite.
  6.  Make your own Popsicles!
    This is great if you have kids and live in Cali like me. I use all natural juice and popsicle makers to make my own, healthier popsicles. You can chop up some fruits and put them in to add an extra surprise. How about Honey water and lemon juice pops? Oj pops? Apple juice?
  7.  Just add water!Sometimes we want a sweet soda and that’s okay. But I add water to almost all my drinks because usually all I want is a little taste of soda. By adding water, (usually 50/50 or more) I get the taste I want, stay hydrated and keep my sugar intake low.  WIN WIN!
  8. If You’re Going To Have Sugar… HAVE SUAGR.
    So I haven’t cut sugar out of my life forever. I still eat ice cream occasionally and twizzlers and dark chocolate are still a massive weakness. But if I decide I am going to have something sweet then I let myself indulge with something that is actually meant to have sugar. Otherwise, I don’t want it in my food.

These little tricks defiantly make me feel healthier if nothing else. They won’t make you drop pounds like crazy or anything but it’s another small step to a healthier lifestyle! Post your comments on how you reduce your sugar or what you do for a healthier lifestyle below!


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