Three Ways To Mess Up Social Engagement

For many companies social engagement can be a challenge. Companies often think of social media as a way to broadcast their sales and products like using a mega phone. What companies don’t realize is that it’s more of an optional conversation between the company and current/potential consumers.

Here are three ways companies mess up social engagement:

  • Ignoring people on social
    83% of brands don’t respond to customer questions on social.
  • Prioritizing promotions over customer relations
    Instead of addressing customers and their interests most brands send out 3x more promotional messages.
  • Misplacing their social attention
    Many retailers/company owners will prioritize social networks that they personally prefer instead of choosing one that fits their target audience.

It’s understand for companies to adopt a promotion based attitude on social. Don’t forget the reason to create a company page on social media sites is to engage with customers. So do remember to do right by your business and customer and avoid these major social media engagement mess ups!


Inspired by Website magazine. 


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