A Day In The Life Of A Marketer


I like to think of myself as creative and inventive. I would ultimately like to end up somewhere on the advertising side of things, coming up with creative ads and moving them out to the right crowds (general, I know).

I’d love to know what it is you do in the marketing world and what a day in the life is like for a marketer.



I’ve worked for start ups and companies that rake in 1M+ per year. Generally if you think you’re going to work in marketing 9-5 then go home and not worry about it until 9 am the next day, that’s so not marketing. Especially if you’re at all involved with anything digital. you’ll work overtime, you’ll take work home and not get paid for it, etc. It’s a demanding field and the internet never sleeps.

When dealing with execution you also have to factor in time zones like i said earlier and this can be tricky if you have to roll out everywhere at once.

Day to day you’ll have consult with other departments to make sure:

  • deliverables are on schedule like graphics
  • they’re prepared for repercussions of the campaign like questions to customer service
  • you’re prepared for launching like dealing with foreseen technical issues
  • follow up on campaigns (ex: if you do a sponsorship you want to follow with media coverage)
  • Other departments are supporting you (social media)the company is prepared for any expected increase in sales (inventory)
  • And how individual campaigns are effected by outside factors such as events, awareness months, competitor campaigns, major industry leaders, etc.


See how I was talking about it not being a 9-5?


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