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Strawberry Vinegar Sweetens Your Gaming Life

UPDATE: Live play through of Strawberry Vinegar! (sorry the mic is really low!)   I have never encountered a game that was so bad for my diet. Strawberry Vinegar is an adorable visual novel about Sakuraba Rie, a nine-year-old girl, who learns about the power of friendship after she befriends five ponies after moving to…oops…

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Sunset Game Review

Sunset is a calm walking simulator that takes a simplistic approach on a complex topic with an artistic flare. The main character, Angela Burnes, is the housekeeper to the wealthy businessman Gabriel Ortega. It takes place in during a revolution in San Bavón, Anchuria, Latin America in 1972. Each day Gabriel Ortega leaves a note…

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How To Make A Facebook Image w/Photoshop

As a business owner and a manager of my own social profiles I need to create my own social media posts. Each social media site has their own image dimensions so when you’re creating a post you need to make sure the image is the right size so that it displays correctly. If you’re going…

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How I Easily Cut Down My Sugar Intake

Coming from an obese family I don’t exactly have genetics on my side. Add in my more than average sedentary profession and you’ve got a nasty combo there. It wasn’t much of a shock when, after years of staying a nice 150 (I like some curves okay!), I hit 190 on the scale. *sob* I…

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Is Content Marketing Worth The Hastle?

In recent years digital marketing has undergone a transformation with content marketing becoming an increasingly important means to create a brand online. Like any other field, online marketing is rapidly developing into some directions and out of others, leaving some outdated practices. Many deny the idea that “content is king” but several very reputable studies…

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How I Control my Oily T-zone

Before we go into how to control you’re oily T-zone we must first understand what causes it and what problems oil skin can cause. Oily skin is characterized by excessive accumulation of fat typically found in the face area like the cheeks, forehead and chin. Not only is our skin the biggest organ in our body…

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