What You Can Learn From An Unsuccessful Ad Campaign

So upon frequenting Reddit lately I’ve really enjoyed answering questEndlessFacebookAd1ions in r/askmarketing.

This time someone asked for some help with an unsuccessful ad campaign:

How do you tell the difference between an ad that sucks or a product that sucks when people don’t even click on your ad?

Of course without a link to the website or more data no one could really answer the questions properly. 

Even then sometimes even more info doesn’t help.

Someone wise once told me that sometimes everything could be right according to 100 professionals but the human factor just messes that all up.

My advise was to try looking at the flow of visitors and to remember that the highest response rate for most ads is only about 3%.

Some reasons for not getting good responses or click through are:

  • It could be a great ad and great product but bad placement.
  • It could also be right placement but too many competitors in that website.
  • Could be you ad stands out too much or not enough
  • CTA could not clear enough maybe there isn’t a CTA

After I gave these thoughts to consider and asked for some more information they replied:

Jesus… so there’s so many options that explains why nobody is clicking that it becomes really hard to learn something from it besides trying something else, right?

For more details about my campaign please see http://www.endless.pt/blog/advertising-facebook-ads-lesson-1/

Then we got to see this data from his website:


After seeing this data i could come to some better conclusions about why their ad campaign was unsuccessful. . 

We can see it looks like they’re getting some clicks. They might want to take a look at the top two preforming ads and ad their campaign settings to see what they have in common with each other or what is different from the other two ads.

After they find the differences that could be effecting performance they can make changes in the ad campaign accordingly. These changes should probably be made to the one that is the second best preforming that way if the changes work either way they will know without risking the ad with the 1.20% click rate. (That’s not a bad click rate btw.)

After that they can use Google Analytics to take a look at the flow of traffic when people click through to the website. In Google analytics you can see the flow of what pages they land on and what pages they go onto from there.

If people drop off from the landing page maybe theyneed to improve the CTA or make one if they don’t have one. If people click away from another page what page did they click, maybe they didn’t find what they we’re looking for.

This is a perfect example of how to use data, or there lack of, to analyse and make judgements about your ad campaign. 


Images provided by: http://www.endless.pt/blog/advertising-facebook-ads-lesson-1/


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