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So I have begun to frequent reddit for conversationshoes and information on markets among other things. The other day I saw someone posted this question:

Hi, I’ve started my own shoe and bag brand but I just don’t know where to begin with the marketing side of things, how do I get my product out there? I’ve tried facebook ads and adwords but I find them to be a money pit that doesn’t really generate any sales.

I’d also be looking to wholesale a few set styles to stores but that’s another thing I’m clueless about.

Anyway any advice would be a massive help, thanks for reading! 🙂

*sigh* Another person blinded by the “ads, Ads, ADS!!” campaigns. But we won’t get into that.

Instead lets get to the advice I actually gave them.

1) Try to narrow your target market more.

You can do this by:
geographic location (are you eCommerce, do you only ship to certain areas, or just store front)
age range (kid shoes? or just womens)
size (specialty sizes or not?)
income level
styles you carry (professional, casual/summer shoes, sneakers, athletic wear, etc.)

Narrowing and clearly identifying your target market will help you target your ads and ad placement.

Example: if you sell athletic shoes only you want your ad to speak that kind of achiever language and be placed where female athletes are aka no fashion blogs more fitness.

Basically you get the idea.

2) Make Content To Get Found

Are you making content using keywords you want to be found for? To be clear we’re talking about keywords used properly in the content like blog posts/videos on “different types of great athletic shoes for joggers” or “a shoe for every business event”, etc.

People need to know what kind of shoes you have and what they’re good for. These terms used for what they’re looking for are the keywords they’ll type into search engines to find companies like you. Without content identifying what you have, they’re not going to find you.

3) Get Other People To Talk About You

3A) Blogs:
There are tons of bloggers out there on fashion. that’s a huge resource.

3B) Local Groups:
Besides talking to other bloggers have you tried sponsoring/partnering or giving discounts to women’s groups? Try and you could donate a gift card or bag to local school raffles (where there’s kids there are moms) or charity raffles. It’s a low cost, good PR way to get your name out.

They replied:

Thanks for the reply, I do need to seriously sit down and go over what my target market is.
Donating a gift card or sponsoring something sounds like a really good idea, I’ll check out what’s going on near me soon.

Thanks for the help much appreciated 🙂


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