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Choosing Your Social Media Profiles

If you’re thinking of doing more with your social media campaign or just starting one you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed with all the different types of social media sites. Don’t panic we’ve broken down to help you figure out which is best for you. Your Blog This is basically like your kitchen. You can…

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Marketing In A New Industry

“Can I market in an industry I’ve never worked in?” “I’ve never done marketing for that kind of company?” “I don’t have experience in that field, how can I create a marketing plan for them?” “I know nothing about this field!” “Don’t I need to have some experience in the industry before I try to…

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Ways To Save Money Electricity At Home

Tips To Save Money on Electricity At Home Whether by your environmentalist spirit or just that you want to cut a few dollars off your bill; everyone wants to save electricity. There are many reasons that I can point out why the conservative use of electricity should be imposed in every household. Electricity is becoming…

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What do marketers do?

Lets start with explaining what marketing is. There are so many definitions that there isn’t really any one standard. I’ll go through different definitions of marketing from the American Marketing Association, text book definitions, dictionary definitions, and definitions from various industry leaders. Bottom line is: We don’t manipulate you. I promise. 🙂 Victoria Khaze AKA…

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Sexist Advertising

Honestly, I don’t believe in it. The fact is data shows that women in ads are more appealing to both men and women viewers than males in ads. Buzzfeed put out this video of the reproduction of popular commercials/ads which featured women. Except they reversed the gender roles. Personally, I think  they’re just as good with…

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Social Media: How To Choose!

If your having trouble answering any of these questions: Should I make an account on all the different social media? How do I choose which social media to use? How do I know which one will benefit my business? What do I post? What shouldn’t I post? Is my business too boring to be on…

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